club cheese

become a member and receive a selection of 3 of our favourite cheeses, crackers and dried fruit or nuts.  Perfect for a date night, having people over, giving as a gift or just nibbling a way. delivered* to your door on the first friday of the month.

3 months – $199 

6 months – $389 

1 year – $779

* delivery included for Calgary, additional shipping charges will apply for outside of Calgary. Pick up also available.


4 thoughts on “club cheese

  1. Do you offer gluten free crackers with your club cheese packages. Thanks

    1. Hi Anne,
      Yes, we do offer a gluten free option for all our cheese club packages as well as our gifts and catering.

      Thank you.

  2. Could you please tell me, what is the weight of the cheese each month?

    1. the weight of each cheese is 200g, for a total weight of 600g each month.

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