cheese boards


the two top  ~ $25
serves 2
ideal for the quiet evening in:  grab a bottle of wine, and settle in for a delicious evening.
includes 2 cheese, crackers and garnish.

the inner circle ~ $50
serves 4 to 6
just you and your best buds, hopefully they will bring the wine.
includes 4 cheeses, crackers and garnish.

among friends ~ $75
Serves 6 to 10
what’s a little cheese?
includes 5 cheeses, crackers and garnish.

cheese monger’s choice ~ $100
serves 10 to 15
that’s right, we love cheese and we want you to try it.
includes 6 cheeses, crackers and garnish.

it’s a party ~ $150
Serves 15 to 20
now we are talking, eating and drinking.
includes 8 cheeses, crackers and garnish

Mixed boards  also available  – $25 to $150

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