charcuterie boards

Charcuterie Board
charcuterie ce soir – $25
serves 2
who doesn’t love a good salami?
includes 3 meats, crackers and garnish

pig and pickles – $35
serves 4 to 6
does it get any better than that?
includes 4 meats, crackers and garnish

the carnivore’s dilemma – $50
serves 6 to 10
what to eat first?
includes 7 meats, crackers and garnish

meat lover’s choice – $60
serves 10 to 15
that’s right, we love meat almost as much as we love cheese
includes 8 meats, crackers and garnish

crowd pleaser – $75
Serves 15 to 20
invite all your friends
includes 9 meats, crackers and garnish

Mixed boards  also available  – $25 to $150

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