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“Cheese: milk’s leap towards immortality”  Clifton Paul Fadiman

Cheese is a wonder to us at peasant cheese, with its many faces, flavours, and textures. Made by young and old, in batches small and large, coming to us through the centuries from humble roots where necessity was the greatest inventor.  No wonder we love it! 

Imagine the sheer joy when opening a new wheel of one of our favourite cheeses: the first whiff of the rind, the little squeeze to check for ripeness,  the slide of the knife through the paste, and then that first lovely taste. 

Once the delectable wheels are open, the real fun begins:  finding the right cheese for you.  Time and place are important in selecting a cheese: is it for nibbling, cooking, for lunch, brunch, snacks, or dinner?  Are you drinking wine, beer, cocktails, milk, or tea?  We want you to experience all the delight that cheese can bring.

And what would cheese be without bread, crackers, preserves, charcuterie and all the trimmings?  Peasant offers great choices for any time of day and all kinds of moments.